Sunday, July 22, 2012

Agile Certifications

Further to my previous post on PMI-ACP, below is a link to my list of Agile and other relevant certifications:

The most important point about taking certification for me is the cause. If the cause is to get a promotion, this may have some immediate motivation for some, but they rarely succeed. If the cause is to be better contributor to the team, it is a good cause and this individual has more chances at passing certification exam.

In terms of which certification is better, it is more about you personally. Who are you - scrum master or you have project management background? Are you on a scrum team or you use a different Agile framework? What certifications you already have? What is your primary role on the team? Add this information to your professional desires and beliefs and do not worry which certification is more prestigious. It is all about what is right for you!


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