Monday, October 7, 2013

What does it take to start your own Agile meetup?

When we started our Agile/Lean practitioners meetup six months ago, I was wondering where it will take us. A small group of enthusiasts supported by company's management (we use company space and the company provides refreshments for the participants) with a good network in the local community and a lot of enthusiasm, willing to sacrifice one evening per month for Agile community knowledge sharing and fun.

And it's amazing where we are now with great presenters, 265 members, great conversations and networking happening, and great knowledge sharing which goes well outside our monthly meetings. Every meeting with presenters from Spotify, Google, Occum Group on topics related to test driven development, Agile coaching, Agile UX, Scrum Master role, Agile in education, Agile for non-software teams has been a great success, but the meeting this Wednesday is the one I anticipate with special excitement, and this is why.

My favorite presentations are case studies: this way we learn from someone's experience rather than hear about theoretical research and wonder whether it would survive reality check. My favorite speakers are the ones who openly share their thoughts, challenges, failures rather than lecture on the one-fits-all solutions.

I can't wait to have both the most engaging and open speaker and the most practical topic presented on Wednesday, October 9th, by our favorite Agile coach, John Baker. And - what's even better - I won't have to go anywhere because this is happening onsite at 395 Hudson as part of ALP NYC meetup. Please feel free to invite your friends - agilists and any technologists from NY area who may be interested in this topic - to this free community event. Everyone welcome! 

From the invite:
Come learn how "MasterCard Marries Enterprise Arch & Agile" at the Agile / Lean Practitioners Meet-up on Wednesday, October 9th,  6:30pm in NYC. John Baker  will share how MasterCard handles enterprise architectures with the Agile/Lean SDLC and also provide case studies of projects that have adopted this linkage that discuss problems encountered and benefits obtained.

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