Thursday, March 1, 2012

On Hyper-Productive Teams

As one of the ways to promote agile best practices, we established Agile Practitioners Lunch and Learn Events (APLLE) where teams share best practices, or teams vote for a topic, and one of Agile CoE members (which I am part of) provides an interactive presentation about. We take turns in being responsible for a specific APLLE event, depending on our own interests and areas of specialization (we are cross-functional, but we still have our roles within the Agile transition team). More about iour Agile CoE here:
Anyway, my next topic is on Hyper-Productive Teams. I did a lot of research. There are two distincts opinions:
1. This is all about having proper technology in place to allow teams be hyper-productive (automated testing, automated build, data virtualized, one-click deployments, etc.)
2. This is all about team building and healthy team dynamics (I love the "team building tree" metaphor introduced by Lyssa Adkins in "Coaching Agile teams").
So while I work on my presentation which will include both aspects, I can't stop thinking: is it people or is it proper tooling? What really makes a team hyper productive? Do you have any thoughts?

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